The STM32H7 serie is an advanced microcontroller serie from STMicroelectronics. This website is meant for professionals and DIY’ers that need a kickstart in their project, or for people who find it interesting to read and learn about software and a bit of hardware.
It is written and maintained by an enthusiast embedded hard- and software engineer, that uses this MCU in some applications.

Thanks for visiting and reading, I hope you’ll save some time and perhaps even learn something.

Keeping such a website online is not free and takes lots of time. If you like the contents or your project is boosted because of this website, consider buying me a cup of coffee using the coffee button in bottom right corner 🙂

Note; I do not associate with ST in any way.
I think that the CubeMX software and HAL are a good thing, but for the H7 it’s not good enough yet, it is not giving the kickstart it is supposed to be.
My intention with this website is to give a proper kick to the start of any H7 project.